Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University   112-2 Seminars, 2023

Earlier seminars  中文

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
2024/07/18 TBA Prof. Der-Chen Chang Georgetown University TBD
2024/05/09 14:10-15:00 Prof. Chang-Yun Lin NCHU Design construction and model selection for small mixture-process variable experiments with high-dimensional model terms
2024/05/02 14:10-15:00 Prof. Lajos Molner University of Szeged Characterizations of the centrality of positive definite elements in $C^*$-algebras
2024/05/02 14:10-15:00 Prof. Pei-Chun Chen National Center for Geriatrics and Welfare Research 多元運用健康資料於心血管疾病流行病學研究
2024/04/25 15:10-16:00 Prof. Chun-Chen Yeh NKNU Eulerian Polynomials and Stirling Permutations
2024/04/18 14:30-15:30 Prof. Yu-Chen Shu NCKU Comparison Study for Solving Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization by Classical and Digital Annealer
2024/04/11 14:10-15:00 Prof. Hsin-Hao Lai National Kaohsiung Normal Unviersity The additive coloring of graphs with given edge weight
2024/03/28 14:10-15:00 Prof. Shih-Hao Huang National Central University Robust group testing for prevalence estimation against uncertain test error mechanisms
2024/03/27 14:10-15:00 Prof. Tamaki Tanaka Niigata University Generalized Cone-continuity of Set-valued Maps with Scalarization


2024/03/21 14:10-15:00 Prof. Kyung-Youn Kim National Chung Hsing University Stability of heat kernel estimates under non-local Feynman-Kac perturbation
2024/03/14 15:30-16:30 Amir Noorizadegan NTU Advancing Stability in Deep Learning: Exploring the Superiority of Sqr-ResNet in Function Interpolation, Computer Graphics, and PDE Problem-Solving


2024/03/14 14:10-15:00 Prof. Yuki Chino National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University An Example of Phase Transition in Disordered System: Self-Avoiding Walk in Random Environment
2024/03/08 14:10-15:00 Kuan-Wen Lai Academia Sinica K3 surfaces, sporadic groups, and derived automorphisms
2024/03/07 14:10-15:00 Prof. Wolfgang Karl Härdle Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Financial Risk Meter @ Taiwan
2024/03/06 10:10-11:00 Dr. Chon Fai Kam University at Buffalo Classification of Multipartite Entanglement through Majorana Spheres
2024/03/04 10:10-11:00 Chee Han Tan Wake Forest University An isoperimetric sloshing problem in a shallow container with surface tension
2024/02/29 14:10-15:00 Prof. Ruey Tsay University of Chicago Screening Predictors in High-Dimensional Time-Series Analysis