Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University   111-1 Seminars, 2022

Earlier seminars  中文

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
2022/10/27 14:10-15:00 Prof.Ray-Bing Chen Department of Statistics, National Cheng Kung University Category Tree Gaussian Process for Computer Experiments with Many-Category Qualitative Factors and Application to Cooling System Design
2022/10/20 16:10-17:00 Prof.Yung-Ta Li Department of Mathematics, Fu Jen Catholic University A matrix decompositional approach to pseudospectral methods
2022/10/20 14:10-15:40 Prof.I-Liang Chen National Taiwan University 奇異曲線曲面的擷取:從影像處理、壓縮感知,到最佳運輸和最小曲面
2022/10/06 14:10-15:00 Prof.Dwueng-chwuan Jhwueng Feng Chia University Phylogenetic Quantitative Trait Evolution Models and Their Covariance Matrix Condition
2022/09/29 14:10-15:00 Prof.Chang-Yun Lin Department of Applied Mathematics and Institute of Statistics National Chung Hsing University Forward Stepwise Random Forest Analysis for Experimental Designs
2022/09/15 14:10-15:00 Prof. Wolfgang Karl Härdle Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin NFTs and VizTech
2022/08/18 16:10-17:00 Prof.Yik Man CHIANG The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Complex analysis of finite differences, special functions and D-modules